Have questions on purchase or sale?

In the ‘ask your query’ page, you could get answers to particular questions which you have regarding the buying and selling of property, vehicle, or any oth-er expensive possession. The answers that are given are very and reliable as they are predicted by expert astrologers

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Property/Vehicle Report

The buying and selling report is useful when making a decision with regard to property, vehicles or anything which is more expensive. The personalized buying and selling report gives the complete analysis such as the possibility of buying a property, in case of a vehicle, the type, and color of the vehicle. Predictions of misfortune and the right time to make a purchase. It is important to get your own personalized report because be it a property or vehicle, it involves a lot of mon-ey, therefore, we should be careful not to squander it away.

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Gemstone Advantage

There is a little bit of luck involved when it comes to buying and selling of prop-erties or vehicles. To enhance the luck factor and nullify the malefic effect, gem-stones are used. Find out about the gemstone that is best suited for you based on the planetary positions with the help of astrostarteller

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Best time for property

The mahurat report gives you the analysis on the right time to buy or sell a property or vehicle or any other expensive possession.. it is crucial to do the buying or selling at the auspicious time so as to make sure that all the benefits are reaped out of it. It ensures that you end up with profit in case of a sale or you get a good deal in case of purchase.

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Remedies to help you out

Based on Vedic astrology, solutions and remedies are suggested in certain cases where there is a prediction of huge loss or other misfortunes such as accidents or lack of insurance or any other mishaps that are prone to occur in case of buying selling. These remedies do not involve much hassle, time or money. But they are highly efficient and powerful that the results are shown almost immediately.

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Property and vehicle horoscope analysis with Life Report

In life report, there is a full analysis of the different aspects of life which starts right from conception, education, career, romance, marriage, and others. It also includes the buying and selling of property and vehicles as it is very important.

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Puja for Property, Vehicle

The most recommended Puja when it comes to buying or selling is the ‘Mangal puja’ and the ‘Shani puja’, these pujas are done in reference to properties be-cause the planets Mars and Saturn have a great influence to give a positive out-come. When dealing with Vehicles, the ‘Shukra’ puja is to be performed to in-creases the positive effects and remove the negative influence leading to misfor-tune and mishap.

Mangal (Mars) Puja Shani (Saturn) Puja

Improve your health with Yantra

The highly effective Yantra when it comes to buying or selling is the ‘Mangal Yantra’ and the ‘Sukra yantra’. The yantra is to placed in the puja room to max-imize the gain when it comes to buying or selling. Chanting of the ‘Mangal mantra’ and the ‘Shani mantra’ also helps in avoiding loss and taking a wise decision.

Mangal Yantra Shukra Yantra