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The life report gives a complete and detailed analysis of various aspects of life. It is very important to get a personalized life report from astrostarteller because it has predictions based on your horoscope. This helps in relieving you from the stress and anxiety of whats going to happen in the future. The predictions ease your mind from the stress of the unknown also it helps in being prepared and cautious for what is to come.

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The life report will include the details of sun sign, moon sign, Nakshatra, and birth ascendant. It also comes included with astrological charts such as the Birth chart, Sudarshan Chakra, Graha and BhavaBala, Moon chart, Navamansha and Bhava chart, Shodashvarga summary. All these are very accurate and includes detailed calculations.

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Actual Price: Rs 7500/- $108

Discounted Price: 4500/- only $65


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The positions of planets and its transition has a great influence in a person’s life. The Dasha periods and time are calculated based on the planets, this greatly helps in prediction and evaluation of the person time.the details include the following

• The current Dasha and Antradasha

• The relationship between the Dasha and the individual's horoscope

• Association between the present and the upcoming Dasha

• Prediction of future and result oriented Dasha

With the life report, all the malefic influences and mishaps that are yet to happen are predicted, this helps in taking the necessary precautions and being prepared for the worst well ahead in advance. The problems may have something to do with sickness, losing money in business, getting fired from a job, delay in pregnancy or marriage, accident, suffering from a slump in finance or business, failure in exams, failing to get passport or visa, marital or child-rearing problems. The severity of these problems can be greatly reduced if we act wisely in advance and tread with caution during these periods. This way all the obits are easily overcome and success is present in every event.

The life report will include the following details:

• A complete analysis of theta chart

• Positions of the planets and its effects and impact

• Description of the twelve houses, influences, and signs

• Prediction of positive and prosperous period

• Warning against mishaps and malefic effects

• Dynamic analysis of the planetary period of a Dasha of 15years

• Special yogas and its effects

• Proper guidance for success, happiness, and peace of mind

• Analysis of the best suited gemstone

• Astrological remedies, solutions, and strategies

• Best time to start all the important aspects of life like education, career, business, marriage, purchase of valuable possessions, travel etc

In case of doubt over the life report, our astrologers would clear it for you. The life report is very accurate and you could rely on it completely, as it prepared by an expert team of astrologers at Astrostarteller. All the predictions are done by taking into account the planetary cycles.

Astrological solutions and remedies are suggested to remove the ill effects and to enhance the positive factors. These solutions are based on the Vedic astrology. They are very easy and not at all time consuming, and inexpensive too. But these remedies are highly efficient and delivers the promised results and enables us to reap the complete benefits in no time.

Some of the forms in which the remedial solutions can be done are by performing pujas and homams, this is done to appease the gods and Goddesses and to invoke their blessings. You could also chant mantras. Suggestions of yantra are also given. Fasting and Donations of food and other stuff to the poor are some of the most common astrological solutions.

To enhance the positivity and enable a prosperous life you could also wear a gemstone that is best suited for you based on your horoscope is mentioned in the life report. This helps in removing all the obstacles and difficulties in life and enables you to reap all the benefits.

Get the life report from Astrostarteller and be ready face all the issues and ace in every aspect of life.

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It Was Best Decision In My Life To Consider Consulting I Consult It Every Time Before Getting In To Any New Deal Or Event. Ever Since I Started Using It, I Have Not Faced Setback And I Would Continue Using It.

By Varun

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Hi All, Reading Your Opinion About This Puja, I Also Want To Say That This Puja Is Very Beneficial And I Am Very Satisfy With The Puja. You Can Also Do The Same Puja If You R Not Happy With The Marriage. Also The Money They Take Is Not So Much.

By Deepa

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Thanks To My Frnd Who Refered This Website To Me In My Problems Of Life. I Was Very Sad And Going Into Depression As Everything Was Going To Wrong. Then I Visit This Website And They Are Very Good Service Spcly This Life Report. I Do Their Remedies And My Life Is Getting Better On Now. Thanxx.

By Vineeth

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I Have Visited Many Astrologers And They Have Suggested Various Gemstones To Be Worn By Me. But None Were As Effective As The One Suggested In My Gemstone Consultancy Report. I Am Glad I Could Take Their Service.

By Ajay

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I Am A 35 Years Old Woman. I Cudnt Get Married Till I Was 33. I Consider Consulting This Website As I Cudnt Get Married. I M Happily Married Now Just Because Of Their Help.

By Meena

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