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The marriage report is useful for those who are going to married, divorced or widowed and looking to get married and those who are facing problems in their marriage. Since marriage involves two people with completely different personalities and background it is important to know that they are matched astrologically to make sure that they have a successful and harmonious relationship.

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  • Are you wondering when you will get married?
  • Are you uncertain if you will get to marry the same person you are in a love relationship with currently?
  • Are you facing commitment issues and thinking of taking the plunge?
  • Do you want to know if you and your life partner to be are well matched together at all levels?
  • Are you scared of trust and loyalty issues with your partner?
  • Are you facing constant delays in your marriage for no fault of your own?
  • Will there be any problems to anticipate from the day of engagement to the wedding?
  • Are you wondering which person to chose from the many profiles that you are looking?
  • Are you contemplating the compatibility issues with your partner?
  • Are you unsure of whether you will have an arranged Marriage or love marriage?
  • When is the right time to perform the wedding?
  • Do you want to know the effects of external factors, surroundings, and people have on your marital relationship?
  • Have you been divorced previously and scared of making the same mistake again?
  • Have you been separated from your partner and got divorced and wondering if your next relationship shouldn’t be the same?
  • Are you waiting for a marital life of complete bliss and a total harmonious relationship?
  • Will there be no problems with your partner during conception and raising a child?
  • Are you in doubts if you and your partner have and whatever it takes to build a family filled with happiness?

You can get all the answers to all your queries on marriage from our marriage report. The marriage report is prepared after careful analysis of your horoscope. Since the personalized marriage report is prepared by the expert astrologers at astrostarteller, we can assure you about the accuracy of the report.

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Actual Price: Rs 4500/- $65

Discounted Price: 3500/- only $51


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The personalized marriage report includes the following details:

Astrological details of the individual's horoscope

The Vedic lagna report

Planetary positions and its effect on marriage

Analysis of the divisional Vedic charts

Effects of the houses of horoscope on marriage

Strengths and weakness of the relationship

Predictions of malefic influence to watch out for

Assessment of the dasha table in relation to marriage

Periods of misunderstanding and lack of harmony in the relationship

Predictions related to children in marriage

Suggestions of yantra

Astrological solutions and remedies that need to be performed for certain cases.

If you have any queries in relation to your marriage report, our astrologers would be happy to clear it for you. All the details provided in the report are very accurate and it is prepared with careful scrutiny. This report helps you in being warned ahead of the periods where you might experience problems, therefore, helping you to manage the issues and saving your marital relationship.

Do not be afraid of the malefic influences or delay in your marriage, you could easily overcome all these issues with the help of our astrological solutions and remedies that have been suggested. All the remedies are very easy to perform, do not involve a lot of money or time but gets the promised results in no time. They are highly efficient and effective.

With our personalized report, you can be assured of getting married soon, solving all the marital problems, and leading a very happy, successful and harmonious relationship.

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It Was Best Decision In My Life To Consider Consulting I Consult It Every Time Before Getting In To Any New Deal Or Event. Ever Since I Started Using It, I Have Not Faced Setback And I Would Continue Using It.

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Hi All, Reading Your Opinion About This Puja, I Also Want To Say That This Puja Is Very Beneficial And I Am Very Satisfy With The Puja. You Can Also Do The Same Puja If You R Not Happy With The Marriage. Also The Money They Take Is Not So Much.

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Thanks To My Frnd Who Refered This Website To Me In My Problems Of Life. I Was Very Sad And Going Into Depression As Everything Was Going To Wrong. Then I Visit This Website And They Are Very Good Service Spcly This Life Report. I Do Their Remedies And My Life Is Getting Better On Now. Thanxx.

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I Have Visited Many Astrologers And They Have Suggested Various Gemstones To Be Worn By Me. But None Were As Effective As The One Suggested In My Gemstone Consultancy Report. I Am Glad I Could Take Their Service.

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I Am A 35 Years Old Woman. I Cudnt Get Married Till I Was 33. I Consider Consulting This Website As I Cudnt Get Married. I M Happily Married Now Just Because Of Their Help.

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