Ask Your Queries on Health?

In the ‘ask your queries on health’ page you could get answers to Individual questions regarding health. As in you get to ask about your recovery, surgery, symptoms, accidents, treatment, physicians and other doubts in relation to health and welling. The remedial solutions for the query are also provided.

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Health Report

The health report gives a complete and detailed analysis of the health of the individual. It has the predictions on various aspects of health as in recovery from a sickness or surgery, the severity of an ailment, choice of treatment, warnings against accident and extreme sickness etc., this gives us enough time to take precautions and to tread around with caution. Remedial solutions for improving the overall health is also provided. Since all the factors of life depend on good health, it is important to know your health pattern with the help of our customized health report.

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Gemstones Consultancy

Gemstones are very powerful and can enhance the health of the individual. This can be done by finding the gemstones which are suitable for them based on the horoscope. Get the gemstone that is perfect for you and be assured of good health by providing a positive vibe and overall wellbeing. The gemstones also help in removing the negative influences which might affect your health.

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Right time Mahurat For Health Procedures

To ensure the successful outcome of health procedures, it is advisable to get them performed at the right time. If you are planning on undergoing treatment or therapy, make sure you get the customized report from us so that you get a quick recovery.

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Remedial Solutions For Sickness

If you find yourself constancy flanked by sickness or if all the treatment does not yield a positive result, do not worry. Just perform the astrological remedies and solutions that are suggested based on the Vedic horoscope. These solutions are easy to be performed and do not consume much time or money. But they are very powerful and yields the promised result in the quickest time.

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Life Report

The life report includes all the details about the health and wellness of the person, in addition, all the other aspects of life such as education, career, marriage, romance, travel among others.

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Performing Pujas For Health

To enhance the health of the individual, the most recommended puja is the ‘Ayush Puja’. This puja is done womanly enhance and appease the powerful lord Ayur. The aim of the puja is to invoke his blessings, thereby increasing the longevity of life by maximizing the health and overall wellbeing while at the same time reducing and nullifying the negative and bad influences on health.

Ayush Puja

Yantra Suggestions

The most recommended yantra for enhancing the health is the ‘Maha Mritunjaya Yantra’. This yantra is to appease Lord Shiva who is the god of death. It invokes the blessings of Lord Shiva to help avoid all health related problems and sickness. Place the yantra at the puja place to ensure a long and a healthy life. You could also keep chanting the ‘Maha Mritunjaya Yantra’ to ensure optimum health always.

Maha Mritunjaya Yantra