Ask Your Query On Finance

In this report, you could get answers to specific questions regarding finance. The questions can be regarding the financial source, retrieval of money, speculation and other doubts related to finance. The answer is based on the astrological prediction of Prashna Kundli. Remedial solutions for the query is also given.

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Finance Report

In this report, you would get complete details on what to expect out of your financial situation in the following years. Apart from all the francium details, predictions of periods of profits and loss are also made based on the dasha of the planets. Therefore you could make the best use of the profitable periods and take precautions for the other.

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Speculation Report

The speculation report gives the analysis of whether you would be able to make quick money in your undertaking as in prediction any activity which includes the instability of prices. The prediction for the speculation report is done based on the natal chart of the individual.

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Gambling Report

The gambling report helps in the prediction of activities in which luck is involved, the most common one being the winning of lottery or any other sweepstakes. Since money is involved we should be cautious during the malefic period and take a good decision. astrological solutions to enhance the luck has also been suggested.

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Mahurat Report for Finance

Mahurat report gives the time prediction to carry out the activities which involve finances. To get a positive and successful outcome, it is necessary that the activities are carried out in the auspicious time. Since the Mahurat differs for different individuals depending on the event, it is very essential to get a customized report.

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Gem Stone Suggestion for Finances

Gemstones are very powerful and have a very positive influence. The gemstones are predicted based on the natal horoscope. At astrostarteller, we suggest you the gemstones that are best suited to improve your financial situation.

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Remedies to improve Finance / wealth / money

Astrological solutions and remedies are provided to nullify the negative effect and reduce the challenges in relation to the financial situation which induces a loss period. It also improves the positive period which we can use to the max for our benefit and improving the wealth.

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Full Life Reading

The life report includes analysis of all the aspects of life such as health, education, marriage, career among others. In the customised life report, you could request for a detailed analysis on finance.

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Best Pujas for Finance

The ‘Maha Lakshmi Puja’ is performed for appeasing the goddess Lakshmi, who is the goddess of wealth. By doing this puja in praise of the goddess to please her, one gets to a very good financial situation and accumulation of wealth.

Maha Lakshmi Puja

Best Yantras for Finance

The ‘Kuber Yantra’ is the most recommended when dealing with finance as Lord Kuber is said to be the keeper of the valuables of all the Gods. Therefore plane the yantra in the place where money is usually kept. This ensures that not only money is guarded safely but will also increase in many folds.You could also chant the ‘Maha Lakshmi Mantra’ and ‘Lakshmi Kuber Mantra’ to reap all the financial benefits.

Kuber Yantra