Ask a Question On Marriage

In this section you could get answers to specific questions on when you will get married, the longevity and success of the relationship. It also gives answers about the particular issues like compatibility, trusts etc., also other doubts on whether it will be an arranged or love marriage. Remedial solutions are also provided for the queries.

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Matching Report

There is a lot of confusion when it comes to matching the horoscopes of two people for marriage. There's a lot of factors to be considered such as the gun Malik or Manglik issues. With our horoscope matching report, you could be assured of the best and right match for you based on the horoscope.

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Marriage Report

The personalized report contains all the details regarding the marital relationship, problems in a marriage, delays in getting married, remarriage and so on. It predicts the compatibility and other factors between the partners. It also predicts the periods of lack of harmony and problems. The customised marriage report is the solution to a happy and blissful marriage.

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Manglik Report

Are you uncertain if you are a Manglik or not? Are you unsure of its effects in your married life, do not fret, our personalized Manglik report is here to make you feel at ease and help you in having a proper our married life.

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Mahurat Report for Marriage

The Mahurat report gives the auspicious time in which the wedding is to be conducted. It is crucial to get a personalized Mahurat report for the different occasion because the Muhurat differs from every person to person based on the event. Starting the married life at a good time enhances the positivity factors thereby not allowing any ill influences.

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Gem Consultancy for Marriage

Gemstones have a way of providing positivity and reducing the malefic effects. Also, it helps in enhancing the love and peace in a marital relationship and avoiding periods of lack of harmony. It also helps in solving the marital problems, all you have to do is to get a gemstone consultation with Astrostarteller and wear the gemstones that are best suited for you.

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Remedial Consultancy for Marriage/Married life

In certain cases where there is a delay in marriage or problems in marital relationship perform the astrological solutions and remedies that have been suggested to get rid of the problems. These solutions are simple to perform but very effective and give immediate results.

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Marriage astrology with Life Predictions Report

The life report gives the detailed analysis of all the aspects of life such as a child, pregnancy, education, career, business, romance and so on. It gives all the answers to your marriage relayed queries

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Best Pujas for Marriage/Married Life

The best-recommended puja for cases where there is a delay in marriage is the Gauri Shankar Puja in honour of Lord Shiva and Goddess Parvathi. To solve the problems in marital relation the Uma Maheshwari Puja is done. This is done to invoke the blessings of Lord Mahesh and Goddess Uma who have an ideal marriage.

Gauri Shankar Puja Uma Maheswari Puja

Best Yantras for Marriage/Married Life

The yantra which is recommended for a happy and blissful married life is the Shukra yantra to reduce obstacles in marriage and to enhance the harmony in the relationship.

Shukra Yantra