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In the ask your query on childbirth page, answers specific questions which are related to children right from conception to education, health, career and so on. All the specific details regarding the query will be answered in detail. The remedial solutions related to the query will also be provided.

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Progeny Report

The progeny report gives the predictions regarding the number of children, time of conception, warning against the negative factors that might happen during the pregnancy, also the right time to start and expand the family. This is mainly useful for people who have a history of miscarriages and others who would like to plan their life well ahead.

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Child Report

The personalized child report is a boon to all the parents who are incessantly concerned over their kids. This report gives a complete and detailed analysis on all the aspects, right from the right time to conceive the child, choosing education on a field of study that is best suited for the kid based on the planetary positions, career and overall health and well-being of the child. You can make use of all the hidden talents of the child which might have otherwise gone unnoticed and in cases of prediction of mishaps, it helps in taking precautions well ahead of time. It also provides the remedy and solutions to avoid any misfortune in Childs life such as accidents, failures and major sickness among others.

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Gemstones Consultancy

Gemstones increase the energy flow in the Individual and fill them up with positive vibes and help in warding off any kind of malefic influence. There types of gemstones to be worn is different for every individual. It is predicted based their horoscope and needs. Find the Gemstone that is best suited for you to enhance your chance at childbirth and to ensure a safe conception period.

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Auspicious Timing

In certain cases where the birth of the baby has planned ahead, like in cases which require a c-section, it will be an added benefit if the child can be made to come into the world at an auspicious time. This ensures that the child has enhanced luck and has a life filled with a bountiful overall wellbeing. Get the personalized maturate report for childbirth and ensure that your newborn child has a very happy life filled with success in all the endeavors.

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Astrology on Child birth with Life Report

The life report gives a complete and detailed analysis of all the important aspects of life such as education, marriage, career, and health among others. The personalized life report which is based on the horoscope details of the individual gives full analysis about the conception, pregnancy, progeny and the effects of childbirth on the individual's life. It also includes the astrological solutions and remedies to improve all the good factors in life.

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Performing Pujas For Conception

The most recommended puja to increase the chance of conception is the ‘Ladoo Gopal Puja’, this puja is done in honor of ‘Bal Ganesha’ who is the child avatar of Lord Krishna. The puja is done to appease Lord Krishna and invoke his blessings. This puja is done to be blessed with a kid and in certain cases, it is performed to be conceived with a male child. This puja is a very efficient one and we can find that that the results are immediate.

Ladoo Gopal Puja

Suggestions Of Yantra

For conception, the most recommended yantra is the ‘Santana Gopalam Yantra’, it is the most efficient and effective yantra. This is mostly suggested to couples who have difficulty in conceiving a child or others who have problems in their pregnancy or those who have undergone miscarriage. When you place this yantra in the puja room where the prayers are done, you can be assured of conception at the earliest. In addition, you could also keep chanting the ‘Santana Gopalam Mantra’, this is done in praise Lord Krishna to deliver healthy and smart babies.

Santana Gopalam Yantra