Ask A Question on Travel / Journey

Ask all the queries you have over travel, the most common questions being when, where and the reason. Getting answers to all these questions will be helpful for you in dealing with the changes that come with travel and helps you to plan accordingly.

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Travel Report

The travel report is prepared after analysis based on the horoscope prediction. It gives you all the complete details regarding the aspects related to travel. You get predictions on the time and reason for travel, the favourable and unfavourable time to travel, passport, visa details etc., To make the most out of your travel and make it a successful one, get the customized travel report based on your horoscope.

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Gem Consultancy

The gemstones help in providing a positive vibe while you are in travel, thereby making sure that the reason for your travel is fulfilled without any mishap. We at astrostarteller predict the gemstones that are best suited for you based on your horoscope and travel.

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Mahurat Report

The Mahurat report predicts the best and favourable time to make sure you read the benefits of your travel. Also, it predicts the unfavorable time for travel so that we can plan ahead and avoid the mishaps such as accidents, a victim of theft or abuse, sickness and many more. Since the Mahurat differs between every individual, it is important that you get the auspicious time for you based on the horoscope and travel to be undertaken.

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Remedial Consultancy

There's always a risk factor that is involved when travel is involved. But don’t let your fear of all those mishaps happening, stop you from traveling. You can counteract the negative effects and nullify or reduce it by doing the astrological solutions and remedies that have been suggested to you. All the solutions that are suggested are very simple and do not involve a lot of time or money but make sure that it delivers all the results.

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Life Report

Life report gives the detailed analysis of all the aspects of life scubas education, career, health, travel, marriage etc., In your customized life report, you could get more details with regard to the scope of travel and how it affects all the other factors of life.

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Best Pujas for Travel / Getting Visa

The best pujas that can be performed beefier undertaking travel are the ‘Gajanan puja’ which is done in honor of Lord Ganesha requesting him to remove all the challenges that lie ahead in the travel. The ‘Lakshmi Narayan Puja’ to invoke the blessing of wealth during travel from goddess Lakshmi and Lord Narayan. The ‘Sarv Graha’ puja to please all the nine planets

Gajanan Puja Lakshmi Narayan Puja Sarvgraha Puja

Best Yantras for Travel

Some of the yentas for travel are the ‘Kuber yantra’, ‘Shee yantra’ and the ‘Ganesh Yantra’. These mantras help in improving health, wealth, success, luck and lots of opportunities in our travel and to reap all the benefits out of it. It is also recommended to chant the Hanuman Mantra and the Ganesh Mantra to eliminate the challenges that come with travel.

Kuber Yantra Ganesh Yantra Shree Yantra