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Get answers to all the queries regarding education such as the outcome of a test, competitive exam, interview for a course or college, place of education, the best suited field of study, admission to school or college and any other doubts regarding education.

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Education Report

The personalized education report is prepared after careful scrutiny based on the horoscope. It will predict in detail all the aspects of education such as the field of study which is based on the planetary positions thereby making sure the individual shines in that field of study. The outcome of a test or exam, the place of education, chances of going abroad for higher studies. Since education is the basic building block of life, try to set it right at the very base, by avoiding all the challenges and pitfalls in relation to your education with the help of our personalized education report.

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Success Report

The success report helps in the prediction of results on how well you have fared and made use of your abilities. It predicts details regarding results, interviews, and scholarships among others. It also provides astrological solutions to improve your chance of success and have a positive outcome for all the tests and challenges that are expected and eliminating all the failures and pitfalls that are associated with education.

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Best Suited Gemstone

We at Astrostarteller, predict the gemstones that are best suited for you based your horoscope. The gemstone is chosen based on the natal horoscope. We assure you that these gemstones will have a positive effect on your education by increasing your success. It makes sure that everything including luck is on tour favour.

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Auspicious time for Education

The Mahurat report for education predicts the auspicious time carry out any educational endeavor and get a positive outcome. Since the auspicious time differs for every individual based on the event, it is advisable to get your own personalized Mahurat report. The Mahurat is supposed to be followed before starting a course, filling, and submission of forms for education purposes. Avoiding the unfavorable time helps in the elimination of failures.

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Best Remedies for Education

Are you one of those individuals who doesn’t seem to get a good result in spite of putting in all the hard work? Do not fear anymore, we suggest you certain astrological solutions and remedies that are inexpensive and hassle-free. Doing this remedies and solutions makes sure that you reap all the benefits that were proposed. All the challenges and pitfalls can be counteracted with these Vedic remedies.

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Education analysis with Life predictions

The life report gives a detailed analysis based on the horoscope prediction on all the aspects of life such as a child, education, career, health, marriage and so on. In the customised life report for the education, you could get the complete analysis on how education is going to have an effect on all the other factors of life.

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Best Puja Remedies (for Education)

The most popular puja for the betterment and successful outcome in education is the ‘Maa Saraswathi Puja’. This puja is performed in honor of the goddess Saraswathi who is known for the power of learning. This puja is done requesting her intelligence, concentration, understanding ability, and positive outcomes in exams.

Saraswati Puja

Yantras for Education

The yenta which is suggested for the success in education is the ‘Saraswathi Yantra’. It helps in invoking the blessings of Goddess Saraswathi to increase knowledge and other capabilities for success and betterment in education and learning. Chanting the ‘Buddh Mantra’ and the ‘Saraswathi Mantra’ helps in enhancement of the educational capabilities. By doing all the above suggested, the individual gains a winning edge over the others.

Saraswati Yantra