Easy Remedies for Influencing Planets

Simple remedies for influencing planets:

  • To influence the Sun, one must eat ilaichi also water should be drunk from a copper vessel only. It is essential to carry a red handkerchief.
  • To influence the moon, you should use white handkerchief and white clothes. Also silver vessels should be used.
  • To influence Mars wear red clothes and use a red handkerchief and a red tilak on the forehead. Also copper vessels are to be used.
  • To influence Mercury use ivory utensils and wear green clothes and green handkerchief.
  • To influence Jupiter wear yellow clothes, yellow handkerchief and a yellow garland.
  • To influence Venus wear white clothes, white handkerchief, white garland and use silver utensils.
  • To influence saturn wear black clothes and donate black articles for charity
  • To influence Rahu and Ketu wear black clothes, black kerchief, black kohl in eyes and use a black blanket.

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