The houses in a horoscope

The basis of astrology lies in the understanding of the house of Lords. Let us look at the classification of the Houses:

  • Houses 1, 5 and 9 which together form the Trikonas which is responsible for all positives such as goodness and wellbeing.
  • Houses 1,4,7 and 10 for the auspicious pillars which make up the Kendras which represent all the fundamental aspects of life.
  • Houses 6,8 and 12 form the Trikasthanas, which are the evil houses respon-sible for suffering and bad influence.
  • Houses 3,6 and 12 makes up the Trishadya Bhavas, which indicate the ma-lefic problems in life
  • Houses 2 and 7 are the marakas also known as the killers whereas the hous-es 3 and 8 indicate longevity

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